For our first collection we have chosen organic certified cotton (GOTS), cork, natural rubber (latex), veg tan leathers (Chrome free) and european cowhides.
5:AM is based in Barcelona.
5:AM is Laura Basterra. She began her career as a fashion designer in the early 00’s. She presented short clothing collections in Barcelona. For these collections she managed the entire production process from her studio in Gracia, Barcelona, while meeting the demands of a growing number of customers. Her interest and connections with independent music artists afforded her the opportunity to both work on artisitc videos and to create designs for national and international musicians such as Astrud,
John Talabot, James Holden, Delorean, Undo and Suzana Gostimirovic. She also presented a complete collection at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, with a solo show in 2008. After studying retail marketing and production she decided to start a new project, creating a brand of shoes. Her concern for sustainability and respect for nature brought her to research shoe materials and processes and with these important aspects as an influence, she has created a brand called 5:AM. Her 5:AM designs are fully consistent with her sustainability ideals, while at the same time maintaining an equal priority for design and comfort.