When Makiyo Lio, a very cool photographer based between Singapore and Barcelona, and her stylist Nacho Martí approached us in regards of our shoes, they told us they were interested in featuring them in a fashion photo-shoot inspired by sea-punk and subcultures from the nineties. Although we still don’t know what sea-punk exactly is, the nineties are surely our favorite decade ever, so we were expectant to see the results. Today, we couldn’t be more pleased to see the beautiful Makiyo and her team came up with, so we couldn’t help sharing them with you all.


Walking 080 Barcelona Fashion Week again

080 Barcelona Fall/Winter 2015-2016

As you probably have noticed, we always try to find any excuse to collaborate with other brands. We really enjoy it!! In addition to that, we also love showing our designs in our own city, Barcelona. This time our shoes completed the outfits of TORRAS fashion show during 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. Stylist Juanma Granero (from Juanmabyelcuco) did a very good job styling the shoes with socks in different manners. Although we really liked it, we wanted to share the pictures with you so you can judge by yourselves.

080 Barcelona Fall/Winter 2015-2016 (more…)

Stepping out Costa Brava Fashion Weekend


Yet another clothing label chose 5:AM as the right footwear for accompanying their creations in their runway presentation. This time it was, SSIC AND PAUL, the creative tandem of designers based in Barcelona whose designs are defined by the combination of creativity and functionality with a very contemporary style. With a strong taste for artisanship, 5:AM became a natural choice. They mostly used BARCELONA and IBIZA styles witch perfectly matched the mediterranian notes of their collection.

The show took place in July within COSTA BRAVA FASHION WEEKEND.





SS15_FOTO 05_092

SS15_FOTO 02_062

SS15_FOTO 01_125

Introducing: Moscow

lateral Moscow

More feminine than Barcelona shoes, Moscow are the most special sandals of our collection. These cork shoes feature contrasting soviet red laces which make these sandals stand out from the crowd. When we designed them we were definitely not thinking in the freezing winter days in the Russian capital but a very hot summer day. Indeed, Moscow shoes are made to shine on the asphalt.

trasera Moscow

frente Moscow

pies Moscow


Berlin is probably the most modern, exciting and cutting-edge city of central Europe. We were, for sure, listening to electronic music when we designed them in the studio. But Berlin shoes are made for much more than dancing at the club. Berlin never sleeps and we knew they should be also suitable for going to an art gallery or a relaxed walk around Mitte. (more…)


lateral Ibiza

Ibiza are the perfect shoes to have plenty of fun in a natural environment. That’s why thousands of people from all over the globe peregrinate to the island every summer. Whether dancing at its famous discotecas, relaxing by the beach or having a cocktail at one of its charming terrazas, you’ll be superlative with your sand-coloured Ibiza shoes. They were made for it!



lateral Tokyo

Tokyo is the perfect place to forget about occidental approach to apparel, for example, by buying compulsively in Ginza. Japaneses have a unique sense of aesthetics and they know how to have fun exploring fantasy in the way they dress. We wanted to capture such energy in a pair of playful shoes with aN excentric twist so we called them Tokyo. (more…)

Introducing: Stockholm

lateral Stockholm

In every design studio in the world you’ll find pictures of scandinavian design, ours is not an exception. The furniture made there during the last half of twentieth century is an endless source of inspiration for any creative mind that loves clean aesthetics. We tried to translate those codes to footwear by balancing the contrast of colors and using the best natural materials. (more…)

Introducing: New York

lateral New York

New York city is contemporary culture at its best, each one of its buildings and corners is a modern classic, simply unforgetable. We wanted to create a pair of shoes that could be as iconic as the big apple and the result were these impressing big black platform shoes. New York shoes collect the spirit of New York’s multiple underground movements and bring them a bold new shape. (more…)

Introducing: Antwerp

lateral Antwerp

Antwerp, like Paris, has its own chapter in history of fashion. The designs from those who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the early eighties were known for being avant-garde, brave and aesthetically revolutionary. Antwerp are a much simpler shoes design but also a more obscure version of our Paris shoes, so it somehow makes sense. (more…)

Introducing: Milano

lateral Milano

Milano is not the capital of Italia but it might be the capital of design. It is without doubt one of the chicest cities in Europe with a privileged emplacement. At just an hour by car from switzerland, monaco or côte d’azur, your Milano shoes will come in handy to beat sunny days’ heat. (more…)

Introducing: London

lateral London

As bold, brave and chic as our New York shoes, London shoes are not merely a colorful version of them. Like the british capital, they have a unique and strong identity but they are open to endless possibilities at the same time. We tried to capture those many faces of London in a shoes that can range from punk to excentric but always in a very elegant manner. (more…)

Introducing: Paris

lateral Paris

Paris is like Mecca for lovers, specially fashion lovers. It’s also a very special place to us since we presented our brand there, in the last edition of Capsule fair. It is where history of fashion has been written and it keeps being a hotspot for new talents. We wanted to design a pair of shoes that mixed both natures so we worked with traditional materials to create a modern shape. (more…)

Introducing: BARCELONA

lateral Barcelona

Winter is starting to fade away and days are getting increasingly sunnier and warmer. So it seems to be the perfect time to introduce our very special Barcelona sandals. Barcelona is our most loved pair of shoes and also our most loved city. It’s where our models are conceived and designed. We tirelessly walk around its streets everyday, from home to studio or our favourite records shop. That’s how we realized the need to create a stylish all-purpose shoe. (more…)


Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.09.58

There’s no much need to introduce you to Not Just A Label, the famous online platform for new brands and designers. There you can find and purchase the latest and freshest creations by indie labels. And, from now on, you can also find 5:AM there, what makes us really happy. We are also very grateful that they featured our shoes as new products in their homepage. In addition to that, we’re also very glad because that also means that our shoes are finally available online (hooray!). Wherever you are, you can get your pair of 5:AM shoes delivered to your door.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.09.58

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.59.31




Potipoti has been around for more than eight years (wow!). We loved their collections since the first one so we are very proud to be collaborating with them in our first collection. They’ve just shot their last campaign using our shoes and the pictures we have had the chance to see are super lovely so we couldn’t wait to share them with you.


Those are our Tokyo shoes, yay!


And what we are more glad about is that our first collection is also already on sale in POTIPOTI‘s shop at Rosenthaler Straße 66 10119 in Berlin.

Arriving in De Ubieta


As you read these words our shoes are flying over europe in order to hit the stores. Time flew by and the S/S 2014 collection we presented in Capsule last september is about to be selling in selected stores around the globe. In some, they are already being placed on the shelves, for example, in De Ubieta. Sara, its owner, just sent us these pictures of she placing them in her store-and-workshop in Barcelona which, by the way, has just been redecorated. De Ubieta will be our exclusive stockist in Barcelona. (more…)

Stepping out 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2014-2015

We presented our Spring/Summer 2014 collection for first time in Capsule Paris in September. However, last Thursday we showcased our designs at Manuel Cruzcastillo’s fashion show in 080 Barcelona Fashion Week so it was a unique ocasion for us to present our shoes in our own city! (more…)

Inside De Ubieta


Have you heard from De Ubieta? It is a fellow shoes and accessories brand from Barcelona. We love visiting their charming studio in C/ Sant Pere Mitjà 70 where all their products are hand made. They sometimes share their expertise offering courses on artisanal shoemaking and people from all over the world come to take part in them. Luckily, we were able to visit their place for inspiration for our next collection, which we are already working on.IMG_5365

Many thanks to De Ubieta!

Capsule Paris


We’re presenting our new collection SS14 at Capsule Show Paris Womens the 27th, 28th and 29th of September.